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We have a Dice Addiction.

There's no 12-step program and there is NO cure.

We get inspired by Myths, Legends, Books, Movies, RPGs, Video Games and more.

We design our visions of what our ultimate dice would look like, and then we CREATE them.

We mix fandom with mad science and artistry, and finish with some hard labor and craftsmanship.

Finally, we unleash them upon the world, where their new Fate is placed into YOUR hands.

All of our dice are handmade by us.

Each set is designed and hand crafted individually, made with the highest quality industrial materials, and finished to the highest level of craftsmanship, not mass produced.

Every single one is unique; no two are exactly alike.


But these are not delicate works of art, they can conquer the tests of time.

Not only can our dice determine YOUR  fate; these dice are made to be heirlooms, and can determine the fate of many generations to come.

Your Fate is in the Stars.

No Apologies Dice Addiction:

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