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No Apologies Workshop

Do It YOUR Way...

There's nothing more disheartening in this world than seeing someone put everything they've got into a project, take a deep breath and put it out there, and then get comments from some nasty troll saying "You did it wrong...!"

Maybe the costume looks a little bit different, the prop doesn't look exactly like a movie studio replica, or you look a little different than the actor or the animation. Anyone willing to destroy someone that's already insecure or had an idea that's different or isn't a master at every skill, seriously deserves all the horrifying karma the world has to offer them.

Cosplay at it's core is about trying new skills, improving the ones you have, and just having fun!

The only way to do it wrong is if you stop trying, and just give up.

It's definitely NOT about apologizing because your skills aren't the best in the world yet, or if your idea is different than the one in someone else's head, or because the crafting materials were too expensive and you tried something else. It's really not about competing with others. It's about challenging yourself to be better at something than you were yesterday.

Sure, replicas have their place, but so do mashups, crossplays, and unexpected outcomes with a completely different twist.

10 different people could be creating the exact same concept, but the end result is 10 completely different takes on it!

Even replicas wind up with different materials, different methods and lots of creativity, so there's always something new to learn.


No Apologies Workshop is about making things YOUR way.

There's no one you need to impress but yourself.

If you're not sure how, do it anyway. Challenge yourself, ask for help, help someone else.

It's a place to share ANYTHING you're making. Ask some questions, and answer some too.

Even if you're a pro at one skill, you're probably brand-new at another.

The more we all share, the more we all learn.

MAKER COMMUNITY, No Apologies. Welcome to our workshop!

We're gamers. We're geeks. We love movies and video games, and comics and cosplay.

Dice and prop making, models and toys.

Role playing, books, conventions....and just making it all tangible!

There's no right way to do it. There's EVERY way to do it!

No Apologies Workshop is for all of us. A place where all the geeky things can come to life!

Let’s Work Together!

Join us on social media. Show us what you're working on and tag us!

We already know what WE'RE working on, we'd love to see what everyone ELSE is making too!

Ask us questions or tell us how YOU do it. Leave us links to your projects too, it inspires us!

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