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We've always had a love for dice.

From our first board games, to a childhood of Dungeons & Dragons, there's no greater feeling than rolling that perfect set around in your hand.

Equal parts soothing calm and eager anticipation, it's the perfect extension of one's own faceted personality, and the alter ego of one's soul.

After endless summers of dice and books, time passed along with our childhood, and a career as a prototype model maker was born. Specializing in molding and casting, making dice for friends and family was simply inevitable destiny.

Dreams of a world full of mad science had finally come true, and every fleeting whimsy could now become reality!

We wanted to design a set of dice that was different.

One that would stand out and easily be recognized as our own.

It had to feel right, roll right, have the right size and weight, and look great.

It had to be an extension of us in some way, each die a piece of ourselves.

We went through dozens of prototypes before we settled on something we loved, and a signature set was created.

It had to have something interesting, so we added a flip coin with our logo that we truly love. Kind of a calling card.

Sometimes, you just need heads or tails, or in our case, star or stripes. As the proud offspring of immigrant parents, patriotism has always been in our blood.

We couldn't decide if a 6-sided die should have our star and site logo,

or a 6 on why not one of each?

One D6 is never enough anyway, so we made 2 of them as a standard

part of each set.


4-sided dice are always too weak and tiny, so we beefed it up and slapped our badass logo on all the sides. 

THAT Magic Missile's gonna feel brutal!

Rolling a Natural 20 should be EPIC, so we added a star to celebrate that savage victory!

Stars are the natural extension of our logo, and they tie the set together nicely, so we added a star to our 00 too.

Like the stars on our D20, the stars on the percentage pair line up to create Orion the Hunter's Belt of 3 stars.

The stars that indicate the 6 and the 9 are the most special.

They are a tribute to the Dog Star, Sirius A and B.

They represent our own Dog Stars, Nikita & Stars.


Our beautiful girls Stars and Nikita have since passed away, and taken our hearts with them.

The stars on our dice remain tributes to them, and the amazing adventures they shared with us.

The dog stars grace our 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20...countdowns too. Endless adventures await, these stars will never be idle.


After a lot of thought, creativity, and a bit of our souls, we feel we accomplished what we set out to do.

We hope you love our creations as much as we do.

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