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Magic D20: Fate & Fortune Set

Magic D20: Fate & Fortune Set

Magic D20: Fate and Fortune Dice...

Our Portable Answer to a Magic 8-Ball.

Just ask a question that requires a yes or no answer, and roll for a reply!


Who hasn't spent endless hours playing with a fabulous and mysterious Magic 8 Ball, seeking all the random answers to the universe? We're bringing the mysteries of the universe to your gaming tables! 


These aren't just ordinary dice.

These Fate and Fortune Dice are your new adventure companions!

The ones you turn to when you need expert advice...or a rude awakening.

Whether you're trying to decide if your mead has been poisoned or if now is a good time to steal that data for a Mega Corp, this Fortune D20 has all the answers.

Just ask a yes or no question, and give this Answer D20 a roll.

Or a bounces!

Plenty of answers to all of your burning questions. And your co-conspirators' questions too.


But here's where it gets interesting...this D20's sidekick has some smart answers too!

When the Answer (Fortune) D20 lands on the top face showing our site and star logo, you get alternate answers. Just roll the Numbered (Fate) D20.  Numbers 1-20 correspond with the answers on the Additional Answer Card, and provide 20 MORE answers!

Or instead of using the alternate answer card, you can even write your own answers that fit specifically with your campaign.

The Fate and Fortune dice are perfect for players and Game Masters alike.

Add some spicy adventure and intrigue to all of your favorite games, or entertainment just by itself!

2 Dice Set Measures 32mm & 25mm, Additional Answer card is 2"x2", a perfect fit for your dice bag.


Bright metallic multi-colors in regular daylight, & exceptionally bright glow with a UV light!

These dice roll entirely randomly, and have a fun bounce too!

Made from the highest quality industrial urethane, they bounce like a rubber ball, or roll beautifully!

Tough and durable like a tire, but a little softer.

Never sticky, made to last for years of gaming.


Now we've added a new color: Cyber Punch!

This metallic hot pink color also glows bright magenta under UV light.

Also available in original Decker Blue, a silvery metallic in daylight, and glows bright blue under UV light. Your Fate is in the stars!

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