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Orion the Hunter- Polyhedral Dice Set

Orion the Hunter- Polyhedral Dice Set

Since the dawn of time, mankind has looked to the skies for guidance, fate and destiny. The most widely recognized constellation in the night sky is the shining Orion the Hunter. The 3 bright stars that make up Orion's belt are easily seen throughout the Northern Hemisphere.


This Polyhedral Dice set captures it all.

Sparkling silver stars roam throughout a deep blue celestial sea, as vast as the universe itself.

Yet the brightest stars in these skies align to form Orion the Hunter's belt. They glow amazingly bright under ultraviolet light, ready to guide your fate and future!


This exclusive set is our tribute to our favorite constellation, the incredible Orion the Hunter!

This celestrial wonder has inspired childhood awe, and sparked a fascination of astronomy and the worlds above that have lasted a lifetime. Each element of this set is designed by us at No Apologies Dice Addiction, then molded and hand cast. They are hand polished, hand painted and made with loving care. They are well balanced, feel great in your hand and roll completely randomly.

You won't find these anywhere else.


Why trust your Fate to any average, boring dice?

This handcrafted set of dice is made from the highest quality industrial grade urethane. They are made to endure and will look just as great many decades from now as they do today. This set has been carefully painted using the highest quality metallic acrylics, then expertly finished and ready to support you through your many lives...or pass on to your next of kin.


This 9 piece polyhedral dice set includes: D20, D12, D10, D%, D8, 2 D6s (one with 6 and a glowing star indicator, the other with our glowing star and site logo) a D4 and a D2 Flip coin. One side of the coin has "No Apologies" and the 3 stars that make up Orion's scabbard. The other side is our logo reimagined as a compass with the 3 stars of Orion's Belt lighting the way.

The numbers are painted a tin silver. Accents are sparkling silver and metallic blue...and stars are a bright blue that glows under UV light! This set comes with a velvet bag with leather tag, and a Certificate of Authenticity.


Makes a perfect gift for your favorite TTRPG player, DM...or yourself. Your Fate is in the Stars!

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