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Assassin's Shadow - 9 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set

Assassin's Shadow - 9 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set

A quiet darkness falls, the night bleeds red and black. Only the brightest stars light your way as you pick your way through the that a key?


Why trust your Fate to any average, boring dice?

This handcrafted set of dice is made from the highest quality industrial grade urethane. They are made to endure and will look just as great many decades from now as they do today. This set has been carefully painted using the highest quality metallic acrylics, then expertly finished and ready to support you through your many lives...or pass on to your next of kin.


This 9-Piece Polyhedral Set consists of a D20, D12, D10, D%, D8, 2 D6s (one with a 6, one with our logo in place of the 6), D4, and a 2-sided Flip Coin. Deepest Black Satin Finish Dice. Our trademark Sparkling Silver Stars, above the 20 and indicators on the 6 and 9. Deep Metallic RedRum Numbers. Metallic Oiled Bronze Accents. Comes with a velvet bag with leather tag, and Certificate of Authenticity.


Makes a perfect gift for your favorite TTRPG player, DM...or yourself. Your Fate is in the Stars!

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