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Hallow-Kitty UV Bouncers!

Hallow-Kitty UV Bouncers!

What's more fun than 9 Lives..?

This Hallow Kitty UV-Bouncer!

Kitty, Crossbones, 9 Lives and Stars make this D20, UV-Bouncer fun all year round!


A Kitty with crossbones rewards your 20, while a 1 gets you a BOO!

Fun crossbones indicator on the 6, stars, and of course, 9 Lives!


Bright metallic multi-colors in regular daylight, & exceptionally bright glow with a UV light!

These 28mm dice roll beautifully and entirely randomly, and have a fun bounce too!

Made from the highest quality industrial urethane, they bounce like a rubber ball, or roll beautifully!

Tough and durable like a tire, but a little softer.

Never sticky, made to last for years of gaming.

A Purrfect choice, no bad luck here!

    No Apologies™
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