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Fragmentation Grenade--FOAM

Fragmentation Grenade--FOAM

See who's paying attention.

Our very realistic, high quality, hand-cast foam frag grenade has a flexible urethane fuse and spoon, and can safely be tossed at any unsuspecting friends or foes. The metal pull-ring can be pulled out, grenade can be tossed, and the pin and spoon can be put back in for endlessly realistic grenade tossing action!

This is an exact replica of an actual MK 2 pineapple fragmentation grenade that was made popular during WWII. We are not responsible for any terrorist lists you may end up on.

Grenade made of industrial "Nerf"-type foam, but MUCH more durable. Fuse and spoon made of durable shore 90A Flexible urethane.

This item is hand made. Color of grenade may vary slightly in dark green shade, so we've tried to picture the entire color range accurately.


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