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Frag Grenade--Clear Replica

Frag Grenade--Clear Replica

'Cause you're the BOMB!

Why look like any old hired mercenary when you can feel like a fancy elite Special Ops? We present to you: the Clear MK 2 Frag Grenade. Not just any old frag grenade, but an exact reproduction of an original MK II standard-issue pineapple hand grenade, originally introduced in 1918 to U.S. Armed Forces.

This special piece is hand cast of high quality clear industrial urethane. Fuse and spoon are also hand cast of high quality industrial urethane, in clear black. Complete with metal ring and cotter pin. 

Although non-explosive, this sucker is pretty heavy and could still take someone out in an emergency. This is NOT recommended (unless in an actual emergency) and will not be warranteed.

A great conversation piece that will look great on your mantle, or as a unique gift to someone special.

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