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Announcing: No Apologies!

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

And No Apologies Workshop!

Welcome Everyone!

We're introducing our new brand, No Apologies, and our new website, No Apologies Workshop!

We're all about building and creating. Learning new tricks and teaching some too.

Always working to do something better today than we could do yesterday.

We have loads of interests, and you probably do too--from cosplay and gaming, to models and miniatures--so why not build a community?

After all, everyone has different skill sets. We all might be really good at some things, but a brand-new beginner at others. That's okay, we're all here to push our limits, get out of our comfort zones, learn the skills we're new at, and see what we're really capable of! You may be surprised.

One of our favorite things to do is participate in Maker Faire.

We love talking to other makers, swapping stories, and getting excited about whatever THEY'RE working on! One constant is that we always get asked "How did you DO it?"

Well, the interesting part about making something is that 10 different makers can work on the same project, and get 10 completely different projects in the end--how great is THAT?!!

Everyone has different ideas of what the project should look like when it's finished. We love to see what others are making, so we thought we could show everyone the projects that WE'RE working on.

Our plan is in the works: do some videos and show our own spin on an idea, and call it "No Apologies Workshop.'

The point isn't to do it our way, just to inspire with an idea. There IS no right way--Do it YOUR way, No Apologies.

And a brand was born!

We often have people ask if they can buy something we've made, or where they can get the items we made it with. Well, what if we had a store? We could stock supplies, or models, or even really basic castings that you could modify into anything you wanted. Handmade items take time and work, and industrial materials are expensive, so unfortunately the price would need to reflect that. But doing it yourself from scratch isn't much easier or cheaper or better, so why not at least offer it?

We can start with some basics, and see where it goes. We can keep adding things that makers are looking for, and even things that we make to create our own projects. There's nothing worse than seeing someone start with a great idea and then get hung up because they don't know where to get started.

We'd like to help with that if we can. We're all makers, so let's share ideas and let's start making!

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