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Hallow-Kitty Chunky D20!

Hallo-Kitty-Black Cat.png

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

This is one of our happiest times of the year!

And to celebrate, we designed our Chunky Hallow-Kitty D20, and we're making the files free for everyone to use.

This fun and different D20 has brought smiles to our faces while playing our favorite games and we want to share those smiles with you!


We’re offering these files for free!

That’s right, absolutely free, to be used to create your own dice masters.

The Dice Masters are then used to make silicone molds and create dice your own way!

These files can be used for both personal use and selling your handmade treats in your store.

We hope you enjoy this D20 as much as we do!


If you use the file, be sure to tag us on Instagram at @noapologiesworkshop!

We'd love to see all the  amazing dice you create!!!!


Have fun, and Do It Your Way!!!

Click on the link below to download your file today!

Cat 003-01_edited.png
Orange_Green Kitty.png

Fill out the form below to download your chunky D20 file!

Happy Halloween!!!

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