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This page has been created solely for Gen Con Event Staff to review a proposed event for Gen Con 2020.

If this event is approved, we will update this page with all current event info and photos.

The proposed event is Paint Your Own Artisan Dice Set! and will include a set of polyhedral dice designed exclusively for this event.

Many of those that attend Gen Con each year look forward to getting the exclusive Gen Con D6 that's available in the Vendor Hall, and take great pride in collecting them. Our artisan dice normally include a 2-sided flip coin with our logo on it, but we thought it would be fun to offer a 2-sided flip coin commemorating Gen Con 2020 as a fun souvenir for guests of this year's Gen Con experience.


Proposed Flip Coin example:


Please note: If Gen Con has any objection to using their brand on this project for ANY reason, we can easily eliminate this coin and use our standard flip coin. Likewise, if staff would like to make any alterations to this coin, we can easily accommodate those changes.

If this event meets approval and is successful, we wouldn't be opposed to making this an annual event for Gen Con, with a unique exclusive set each year.

The proposed set of dice for this event has a sea glass motif. The font is large and easy to paint for beginners.

We will supply brushes, water, etc. and high quality metallic acrylic paints from Turbo Dork.

Dice sets will be standard polyhedral sets, with an extra D6 and flip coin, for a total of 9 pieces.

There will be at least 8 different colors for attendees to choose from.

These dice are hand cast from the highest quality industrial materials, and are free from defects. No scratches, bubbles or visible flaws of any kind. These roll beautifully, and results are completely random.

About Us:

We are dice artisans. We have over 25 years of molding and casting experience, and are prototype model makers by trade. We are currently working on our e-commerce store. We are also working on instructional videos for Youtube, and plan to have several out by Gen Con 2020.

We enjoy participating in Maker Faires, and are obsessive gamers since early childhood.

We had the privilege to participate in the last World Maker Faire in New York, exhibiting a Fallout Power Armor Suit made from foam floor mats, and a 3D printed minigun with hand cast/hand painted rubber bullets, with a working barrel that spins up.

Fallout Power Armor and Minigun

Here are some examples of our dice:

We are a Gen Con family and would be proud to be part of the event experience.

Thank you for your consideration.

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