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  • Are your handmade artisan dice balanced?
    Dice balance generally refers to the ability of dice to roll randomly. Yes, these dice not only roll randomly, but roll much more randomly than any commercially manufactured dice. Unbalanced dice generally favor certain numbers due to unevenly shaped sides, or an air-pocket inside of the die. Many manufactured dice contain air bubbles inside, which may cause them to favor a particular side or be "unbalanced". Our handmade dice do not have bubbles, and roll randomly.
  • Do you use the salt water test to check dice balance?
    No. Salt water testing does not indicate whether or not your dice will roll randomly. This method of testing only indicates whether or not there is an air pocket inside that may cause the die to roll in an unbalanced way that may favor a particular side. Our dice are pressure cast and do not contain bubbles. This method of pressure curing ensures that any air bubbles will be forced out of the mold and replaced with resin. If for any reason abubble DOES get trapped, it will be forced to the surface of the casting and cure there because it won't be able to escape. Any surface bubbles would be visible in the finished casting, and would then either be perfectly repaired, or rejected entirely.
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