Metal Rivet Tacks

Metal Rivet Tacks

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Ever have an EPIC wallhanging that just looks lame being held up with your little sister's smiley face thumbtacks? Yeah, we hate that too.

So we made awesome rivets, made with REAL metals--iron, aluminum or copper.

They look ordinary until you sand them--with sandpaper or an emery board--and then the metal SHINES! You can take it step further and cover them in a solution of 50/50 salt & vinegar--make a paste and cover them. Next day, rub it off--iron will rust, copper will oxidize and turn green. (Aluminum just stays shiney.) Want more drastic effect? Do it again. Don't like it or want less? It sands or rubs right off. Picture above (featuring 4 rivets) shows "before" on left, "after' on right of Iron & Copper.

Available in counts of 4, 8 or 12.

Handmade item.


    Handmade item. Industrial quality urethane infused with REAL metal.

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