Countdown Die: Phoenix Fire

Countdown Die: Phoenix Fire

20-Sided Countdown Die from the Phoenix Fire collection.

Perfect for any Magic the Gathering deck build.


Orange and gold flames lap together, metallic gold and subtle flecks within.

Glide over it with UV light, and flames glow with delicate greenish embers.


Numbers alternate colors of red, flame orange, hot orange and sun yellow.

6 and 9 have our trademark star indicators, along with our 20.

Slightly oversized at 22mm.

Comes with a velvet bag with leather tag, and Certificate of Authenticity.

The perfect gift for your favorite Magic the Gathering player...or yourself.


Why trust your Fate to an average, boring Countdown die? This handcrafted Countdown die is made from the highest quality industrial grade urethane. It's been carefully painted using the highest quality metallic acrylics, then expertly finished and ready to support you through your many lives...or pass on to your next of kin.



PLEASE NOTE: All numbers are placed in sequencial order 1-20, This is NOT a typical D20!

It is a Life Counter, not designed to be used for games requiring randomly rolling D20 polyhedral dice.


    No Apologies™